creepy storage to adu

Once upon a time, there was an old and dusty storage unit sitting unused on a piece of property. It was a small and cramped space that had been neglected for years, filled with cobwebs and spiders, and the stale smell of musty old items. The interior was cluttered with half-empty paint containers, broken furniture, and old shoes that had been left to gather dust. But the strangest thing of all was a set of creepy human dummies that were propped up in one corner, adding an eerie and unnerving feeling to the already eerie space.

Despite its creepy and rundown appearance, the owners of the property saw the potential in this small storage unit. They envisioned transforming it into an income-generating accessory dwelling unit (ADU), and set out to make their vision a reality.

They began by clearing out all the junk and debris, carefully removing the creepy dummies and other unwanted items from the space. Then, they brought in a team of professionals to handle the renovation process. They removed the old and worn-out walls and floors, and installed new insulation and electrical systems to bring the unit up to code.

Next, they brought in designers to transform the space into a comfortable and functional living area. They created a bright and airy living room, with a comfortable couch and chairs, a kitchenette, and a cozy bedroom. They used light-colored walls and ceilings to give the space a bright and airy feel, and added new windows to let in plenty of natural light.

Finally, the team added some finishing touches to make the unit feel like a home. They installed new furnitures, added some stylish lighting fixtures, and put up some colorful artwork on the walls. They even added a small outdoor patio area where the tenants could sit and enjoy the sun.

With the renovation complete, the owners of the property were thrilled with the results. The once creepy and abandoned storage unit had been transformed into a beautiful and functional ADU, ready to provide a comfortable home for its tenants and generate a steady stream of income for its owners. 

And so, this small storage unit that was once filled with creepy dummies and cobwebs was now a shining example of what can be achieved with a little bit of creativity and hard work. The owners were proud of what they had accomplished and grateful for the opportunity to provide a comfortable and affordable home for someone in need.

after pictures

Creepy Storage to a new Studio ADU total cost = $20,000

The ADU generates $17,400/year. An 87% ROI the first year of full service! 



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