A new law allows homeowner to sell ADUs like condos, boosting homeownership. Here’s how AB 1033 works

Great news for California homeowners! Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed into law Bill AB1033, which will allow homeowners to sell their accessory dwelling units (ADUs) separately from their primary homes. This is a significant change, as it could make ADUs more affordable and accessible to homeowners and renters alike.

Previously, ADUs had to be sold or transferred with the primary home, which could make them difficult to finance and less attractive to buyers. However, under the new law, homeowners will be able to sell their ADUs independently of their primary homes.

This change is expected to have a number of positive benefits, including:

  • Increased supply of affordable housing: By making ADUs more affordable and accessible, the new law could help to increase the supply of affordable housing in California.

  • More flexibility for homeowners: The new law gives homeowners more flexibility in how they manage their ADUs. They can now sell or rent their ADUs independently of their primary homes.

  • More opportunities for renters: The new law could lead to more ADUs being available for rent, which would provide more housing options for renters in CA.